The Process

  1. Read your study materials.
  2. Prepare flashcards.
  3. Revise. Focusing on the hardest cards.

And...that's it!

Spaced repetition is about calculating the optimal spacing between study periods in order to maximize knowledge recall.

It's well known that simply practicing can improve performance in almost any task. Whether you are preparing for a standardized test such as the SAT, or are trying to learn an instrument, practicing is extremely important.

However, undirected practice may not lead to the most desirable outcome. Certain pieces of information may be harder to recall than others. Or perhaps, more important.

Often, information which is easier to memorize will be what students choose to focus on. Spaced repetition penalizes facts which you can already quickly recall. Instead, your study sessions will be focused on information which you are currently struggling to master.

In addition to intrinsic difficulty of certain information, the ability to recall facts can decay over time. This can lead to situations where you are neither learning the most important aspects of a subject, nor checking your ability to recall them at the right time.

Spaced repetition is a study system that aims to isolate the most important pieces of information, then repeatedly prompt until memory recall is both fast, and accurate.

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