In a nutshell

  • Flashcard Organizer
    • Create, Tag, and Categorize Cards
  • Smart Study Sessions
    • Based upon Prior Performance
  • Personal Statistics
    • Track your Scores and Response Times

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Detailed Flashcard Organizer

Create flashcards for multiple subjects and sort through them with easy, filtering by tags or categories.

Intelligently Curated Study Sessions

We'll tell you what cards you need to work on. Rate your response from "Complete Blackout" to "Perfect", and we'll schedule it appropriately.

Features stacks

Features performance

Analyze Your Results

After completing a study session, we'll show you how you did. You can see your overall grade, time spent per card, as well as most your recent scores.

We also summarise your results for you, you can check your average score per category, as well as by tag.

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